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Anonymous asked: How do I submit? (Sorry, on mobile so limit view and I've never submitted before)

I think you can only submit on an actual computer. Sorry :(

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one4000 asked: Everyone of your blogs are greet!

thank you!

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kirkendauhl asked: I'm so glad I found this blog, your guys' taste in porn is perfect.


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Anonymous asked: I've liked this girl for a few years now. But she keeps hooking up with guys. We've dated and she madeout with a guy and then we broke up and she said she still liked me but blew a kid. And she's blown two other people since. So we started dating after 6 months again and no I found out she had sex with a kid twice while we were dating. But she says she's sorry and stuff but lied to me and got mad cause I had trust issues but then did that. What do I do. Please help thank you.

she seems like someone you shouldn’t want to be with. it also seems like she’s that type of person that once she’s a cheater, she’s always a cheater. if she truly cares for you, she’ll stop her shit. but if she can’t commit to you, then don’t commit to her.

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Anonymous asked: /post/93224254141/k That's haylienoire. Give her some credit or delete the post. Posting others pictures without credit is quite rude.



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